Hi, I'm

Transformation Through Introspection. This is a message that I am dedicated to sharing, as I continue to discover its meaning in new ways every day within my own life. This mantra is built on the idea that by looking within, we can often find many of the answers we are looking for.

In my understanding of reality, (which is continually evolving) we are all merely reflections of one another, essentially existing as fractalized segments of the same mandala that represents the collective of life itself.

Encountering the “flow state” in a number of different contexts, has greatly helped me to better understand my creative process. Flow arts and music production are two forms of self expression in particular that have brought forth significant healing within my life, and I look forward to seeing where my journey with these mediums may take me as it so aligns.

My brain is hard-wired to enjoy many different mediums and interests, but I’ve enjoyed building systems for myself to become effectively dedicated to my work and mission.

…this is where I put my focus:

The grass is always greener where you water it.

For over a year now, the world of Web 3 has been one of my biggest fascinations, and after realizing the potential that lies within it for myself, I have recently dropped out of college to focus on integrating my current interests and skillsets into Web 3 contexts and emerging worlds.

This pattern displayed through observing my own progress is an understanding I am grateful to encounter time and time again as I explore various mediums as forms of self expression. 

I hope is for the content within this space to serve as a source of inspiration, and further introspection.

Thank you for being here, and now.